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It continues… Bed Bugs Hit Juicy Couture Flagship 5th Avenue Store

1 Dec

Niketown. Victoria’s Secret. Hollister. These are a few major Manhattan retailers forced to close their doors in the past few months to treat a bed bug infestation.  Now, we can add the Juicy Couture Flagship 5th Avenue Store to the list.   Juicy Couture CEO Edgar Huber sent an email to the “Juicy Team” stating:

As you may be aware we have temporarily closed the 5th Avenue location due to the discovery of bed bugs.

Our top priority is to protect our associates and our customers and we are moving swiftly and aggressively to address the problem. We expect to re-open the store later in the week and will keep you updated when we have specifics around the re-opening.

At this time there have been no other locations identified with this issue but we will continue to take all necessary precautions.

And an official statement says:

We wanted to inform the public and our consumers that we have temporarily closed the Juicy Couture Store at 650 Fifth Avenue due to the discovery of bed bugs.

Like other major retailers recently impacted by this issue, we are moving swiftly and aggressively to address the problem. We expect the store to re-open later this week.

The people who shop and work at the store are our top priority and we are taking all necessary precautions.

There are three other Juicy Couture stores serving New York City shoppers – 860 Madison Avenue, 368 Bleecker Street, 103 Fifth Avenue – and of course all merchandise is available 24-hours a day at http://www.juicycouture.com.

Everyone needs to exercise some extra caution during their holiday shopping this season.  Inspect all new purchases upon bringing them home for signs of bed bugs.  It is a good idea to shake out/dust off new clothing over a white bathroom floor or bathtub before wrapping them up or putting them into your closet.  A few changes to our daily routine can drastically reduce the number of new bed bug infestations this holiday season.

Juicy Couture Has Bed Bugs