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Are bed bugs keeping you from shopping at the stores you love?

4 Jan

Bed bugs are continuing to invade our theaters, hotels, the places we live, and our favorite stores. So it seems that movies are out, travel is out, shopping is out – so what is there left to do these days?

In recent news, there have been reported bed bug sightings in top tier department stores such as Bloomingdales, Bergdorf Goodman, Macy’s and many, many more.  We don’t like to act like alarmists, but shoppers need to seriously exercise caution when bringing new items of clothing back home with them. Bed bugs are sneaky creatures and can hide in just about anything. Simply doing a visual inspection is not enough. Bed bugs can also lay eggs in clothing preventing consumers from finding them until its hanging in their closet and it’s too late.

Thanks to the PackTite Portable Bed Bug Heating Unit, it is now possible to shop without the fear. The PackTite™ Portable Heating Unit uses patent pending technology that gently and thoroughly heats your personal items to a temperature that is proven to kill all stages of bed bugs, ranging from eggs to adults.  By heating contents up to over 120ºF for a sustained period, PackTite™ is a safe, non-chemical way to treat your new and existing personal items for bed bugs.

It’s smart to be cautious. Bed bugs are avoidable if we take preventative measures. When you shop, simply drop your new items into a PackTite and enjoy them bed bug free.

Prevent Bed Bugs When Traveling With PackTite Heating Unit


Don’t let bed bugs ruin your holiday vacation…

27 Oct

It has been all over the news lately that many people have been canceling their holiday vacation plans (particularly to my home town of NYC) in fear of picking up bed bugs somewhere along the way.  Check out this article from MSNBC.

Instead of hastily canceling your trip and missing your annual outing to see the Radio City Rockettes (perish the thought), check out these recommended bed bug travel products that will help prevent bed bugs when traveling…

  • BugZip Bed Bug Proof Luggage & Clothing Encasements: As many of you know, a number of hotels are swarming with bed bugs.  The bed bug proof luggage and clothing encasements from BugZip are a perfect solution.  Instead of plopping your bag down on the potentially infested bed, place your BugZip-enclosed luggage on the fold-out luggage rack in the middle of your room to prevent bed bugs from sneaking into your bag and hitching a ride home.  Make sure to wipe down the BugZip encasement (especially the zipper and all creases) before leaving the hotel room.
  • J.T. Eaton Bed Bug Control for Luggage & Mattresses Spray: This portable 6 ounce spray is great to spritz around your luggage to kill any bed bugs that may try to sneak into your luggage. This product has been EPA-registered, so it can be used safely at home or on  vacation.  The spray also controls fleas, ticks, moths, lice, spiders and cockroaches.  Bedbug  Control for Luggage and Mattresses is water-based, so it won’t leave  an oily or sticky residue on fabrics.
  • PackTite Portable Heating Unit: Upon  checking out of your hotel, even if signs of bed bugs were not present, inspect your belongings carefully.  Placing your luggage, clothing and any other  belongings in a PackTite heating unit will kill bed bugs with heat that may have snuck into your luggage.  PackTite is safe to use with clothing, bags, shoes, or any other non-washable item.

So if you’re thinking of staying home this holiday season because of bed bugs, check out these products first… Because we all know that Christmas dinner just isn’t the same without an authentic Manhattan street hot dog.