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Movie Theater Seat Covers – Do they work?

29 Nov

A few of you have been emailing me about new bed bug-proof movie theater seat protectors.  It is no secret that bed bugs have been spotted in theaters across the country, and that lots of theater-loving folks have simply cut movie night out of their schedule due to the fear of picking one up.  New products are out there attempting to restore your peace of mind and get you back into those theaters with what is basically a large, thick plastic bag shaped to fit the chair.

The question is – do they work? It is certainly plausible that the plastic is thick enough to prevent bed bugs and bed bug eggs on your seat from getting onto your belongings.  Nevertheless, this is the kind of product that we don’t typically like to endorse.  Our primary mission is to educate our readers on the behavior of bed bugs, and how to avoid further infestations.  While the concept has good intentions, this is one product that is a bit too radical, in my opinion.  While it is important to be cautious about bed bugs in our daily routine, we need to do so without becoming overly obsessed.  Bed bugs are a serious problem, but at the end of the day, it is not worth the drastic measures suggested by this product (and some others).  If covering our seat in a large plastic bag is what we are resorting to, I’d hate to think about what’s next. To us, a simple inspection of your seat (and underneath) with your cellphone light, as well as a quick dust off of your clothing and jacket after the movie is enough to drastically limit your exposure in a theater.

That, and… what about bed bugs from the seats on either side of you?  Save your money — and put it towards the $18.50 you’ll need for a popcorn and soda for you & your date.

bed bug movie theater seat cover