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Bed Bug Stats: What people are (or aren’t) doing to prevent bed bugs

12 Jan

Metropolis, the blog of the Wall Street Journal, just released an article containing a number of startling stats regarding what preventative measures people are taking to avoid bed bugs in their lives. Here’s a snapshot of these (shocking) bed bug stats:

Bed Bug Overview

  • 79% of survey respondents have seen, heard or read about bed bugs in the last few months
  • Residential bed bug complaints in New York City rose nearly 7% in 2010, according to the city’s Department of Housing, Preservation and Development. There were 4,846 bed bug-related violations and 13,472 complaints, up slightly from 4,811 and 12,594 in 2009.

What are people doing to prevent bed bugs?

  • 54% of respondents have not changed their behavior in order to avoid contracting bed bugs
  • 29% of respondents wash newly purchased clothing
  • 27% inspect and wash clothing after returning from a trip
  • 25% check their hotel rooms for bedbugs
  • 16% examine second-hand furniture
  • Only 14% of those surveyed have purchased any bed bug-preventative products

When all else fails, blame the government.

  • 72% of respondents said the federal government wasn’t doing enough to control the issue

And who is most likely to encounter a bed bug problem? According to the WSJ:

“The demographic profile of those most likely to contract bedbugs is “younger, a renter and from an urban environment.” By age, people in the 18-34 category were 28% more likely to have encounters with bedbugs than other groups to have bedbugs, the survey found.”

Bed Bug Stats from WSJ


More Bed Bug Art in the East Village

7 Dec

NYC artists can find inspiration in anything… Spotted on St. Marks Place on Saturday, 12/4/10.   Thanks for the photos, Josh K!
Bed Bug Art on St. Marks Place in New York City

Bed Bugs NYC St. Marks Place

Mr. Sulu – I mean – George Takei Admits to Having Bed Bugs on Howard Stern Show

6 Dec

Even Deep Space isn’t safe from bed bugs.  George Takei, an actor best known for his role as Hikaru Sulu on Star Trek and his gay rights efforts, admitted this morning on Howard Stern’s Sirius XM Satellite radio show to having bed bugs in his NYC apartment.  The Howard Stern Show is no stranger to bed bugs.  Just this past September, the Shock Jock himself came clean on air to having bed bugs in his radio studio and limo.

George Takei of Star Trek has Bed Bugs

10% OFF All Bed Bug Proof Mattress Covers!

3 Dec

The bed bugs are a-bitin’ this holiday season, and experts agree that the number one tool to help prevent an infestation in your home (without any chemicals, might I add) are bed bug proof bedding covers.  And to sweeten the deal (as if you needed any sweetening), is giving you 10% OFF all bed bug proof mattress, box spring & pillow covers now through 12/12/10!  Just enter promo code “sleeptight10” at checkout.

Protect your mattress, box spring and pillows today with comfortable, effective and durable bed bug proof zip covers from These scientifically-tested encasements will keep bed bugs, dust mites and allergens from infesting your bedding, and prevent existing infestations from spreading. Only pure, clean air can penetrate the effective double-lock zipper.  Plus, all encasements come with a 10-year manufacturer warranty and are made in the good ole U.S. of A.

So sleep tight this holiday season.  Happy Holidays from everyone at!

Yahoo! Ranks Bed Bugs as #7 Obsession of 2010

2 Dec

Yahoo! just released their list of the Top 10 Obsessions of 2010.  And as no surprise to any of us, bed bugs made the list at #7.  Check out the article here.

It continues… Bed Bugs Hit Juicy Couture Flagship 5th Avenue Store

1 Dec

Niketown. Victoria’s Secret. Hollister. These are a few major Manhattan retailers forced to close their doors in the past few months to treat a bed bug infestation.  Now, we can add the Juicy Couture Flagship 5th Avenue Store to the list.   Juicy Couture CEO Edgar Huber sent an email to the “Juicy Team” stating:

As you may be aware we have temporarily closed the 5th Avenue location due to the discovery of bed bugs.

Our top priority is to protect our associates and our customers and we are moving swiftly and aggressively to address the problem. We expect to re-open the store later in the week and will keep you updated when we have specifics around the re-opening.

At this time there have been no other locations identified with this issue but we will continue to take all necessary precautions.

And an official statement says:

We wanted to inform the public and our consumers that we have temporarily closed the Juicy Couture Store at 650 Fifth Avenue due to the discovery of bed bugs.

Like other major retailers recently impacted by this issue, we are moving swiftly and aggressively to address the problem. We expect the store to re-open later this week.

The people who shop and work at the store are our top priority and we are taking all necessary precautions.

There are three other Juicy Couture stores serving New York City shoppers – 860 Madison Avenue, 368 Bleecker Street, 103 Fifth Avenue – and of course all merchandise is available 24-hours a day at

Everyone needs to exercise some extra caution during their holiday shopping this season.  Inspect all new purchases upon bringing them home for signs of bed bugs.  It is a good idea to shake out/dust off new clothing over a white bathroom floor or bathtub before wrapping them up or putting them into your closet.  A few changes to our daily routine can drastically reduce the number of new bed bug infestations this holiday season.

Juicy Couture Has Bed Bugs

Cobble Hill Neighbor says Norah Jones Gave Her Bed Bugs. Really??

24 Nov

Check out the (absurd) article here.

Norah Jones Gave Neighbor Bed Bugs

Doonesbury has Bed Bugs!

16 Nov

Check out today’s Doonesbury strip, in which Doonesbury has bed bugs.  A storyline that is a little too familiar to some of us…

Doonesbury has Bed Bugs!

(click to enlarge)


Coat checks could be the next vehicle for bed bugs this winter

7 Nov

Bed bugs are sneaky and are always finding new ways to latch onto new, unsuspecting passersby.  First it was hotel rooms, then they moved to department stores and thrift stores — what’s next?  Judging by what we currently know about bed bug behavioral characteristics, I am forced to believe that with the winter quickly approaching, bed bugs are going to find a new vehicle in coat checks.  Yes — coat checks at bars, restaurants, reception halls, etc.

Warm, fuzzy jackets are a perfect place for a bed bug to hide in an infested home.  And with so many jackets from many different owners going in and out of coat checks, the likelihood of coat check becoming infested by bed bugs is rather high, in my opinion.

Now — what can you do about this?  The best thing to do is to avoid checking your jacket when possible.  Wear it, hold it under your arm, put it over the back of your chair, whatever.  If you have no choice but to check your coat (coat checks are mandatory at some places), you should thoroughly shake your jacket and dust off the inside and outside upon getting it back, potentially dislodging any bed bugs that may have crawled on.  Go the extra step by tossing your jacket into your dryer on high heat for 15-20 minutes when you get home, or throw it into a PackTite.

To some people, this could be considered being over-cautious.  However, if everyone made a few basic adjustments to their daily routine to avoid bed bugs, infestations could be kept at a minimum.

Bug Jacket

Did you see any bed bug costumes on Halloween?

2 Nov

This year, bed bugs were definitely one of the most popular costumes on Halloween (just after Snooki and the Chilean Miners, of course).  Did you see any good versions?  Here are a few to get the ball rolling.  Send me your submissions to, or just post a link to your photo in the comments!

Dog dressed as a bed bug
Tompkins Square Park in NYC has Bed Bugs! Oh, wait…
Isabella Rossellini as a Bed Bug

Isabella Rossellini as a Bed Bug

Will Ferrell Bed Bug Costume

Will Ferrell as a Bed Bug on Regis & Kelly

Reader Submission!  Jordon's Bed Bug Costume

Reader Submission! Jordon's Bed Bug Costume

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